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still working on improvement . . .

We create simple, clean and modern
graphic content for all media

To shape our services and solutions to fit to your need.

We are specialized in illustrations, package and print design
but develope websites as well.
We have a couple of years of expertise with...

We Are

a small company based in Bonn, Germany with customers around the world. We enjoy working with all our clients, but when it comes to small business owners we have a passion in helping them succeed. We believe a strong, well conceived, and executed branding is one cornerstone for effective marketing no matter how small or large your company may be.

Helmut Vogelsang, Freelancer

image name "ATARI ST"? Does anyone rembember? Yep, my first one! But since then I worked my way through a row of MAC´s. Current one: G5/2 quad-core, 64 GB Memory, 14 TB Hard drives, 2x30'' Cinema Displays.
While it´s nice to play with such a monstertoy, I really love to sketch and draw the old fashioned way.5

Team, speciAlists

image name To make sure I can respond to any of your requests, I am working together with printers, programmers, texters photographers and other.

Our Skill Area

  • Package Design
  • Infografic
  • Branding & Identity
  • DTP-Layout
  • 3-D-Design

We work on improvement

3-D-Design on Request

image name Occasionally we built something in digital 3-D using Cinema4D. Mostly backgrounds, illustrations if needed and the odd "Dummy" for packages which do not excist yet, but are still needed for catalog presentation.

- . . .but I like it. "H"

image name Since there seems to appear a new device every other day and browsers changing their behavior by the minute, it´s plenty to learn. Like a foreign language actually. The challange is, you don´t want to leave customers behind if you establish something "state of the art" which is not working properly on older systems...

- hopefully this here works well enough

Contact Us

Office Address:

Vogelsang Werbegrafik
Brunnenstr. 7
D-53123 Bonn


+049-228 242 92 94 info@grafik-plus.de



some listed features of my work

A bundle keywords

Design services for
Craftsmen, small business owners, start-uppers:
Logo-design, Adds, Car lettering, Invoice papers, posters" and more
estate agents, architects:
pimp your plans "
Package design
That is what I do the most. I'll place a hole story of a development from briefing to catalogue in the "how it´s done" or "work in progress" category - sorry, don't know yet..
Illustrations, Cartoons
That is what I love the most. "Scribble of the week" will show some. I'm absolutely fascintated that genius people can tell a story with only a couple of dashes.
Printers dictionary - but for customers!
Printers, designers (web designers in particular) very often use their own language. And so I thought: "Why not give away some knowledge and explain some of the major topics and terms in understandable translation? So that you, my dear customers (to be?) don't die dumb. (I'm so sorry for the last one - but I couldn't resist...
How it's done
Even if I spoil the "WOW"-effect. Over the years I have learned, that my customers tend to believe, that some changes ("we are ready – just ONE minor change..") are absolutely easy to make. "It's a computer you only have to push a button.." I would like to show examples of the contrary. May be, that that belongs into the column above, but on the other hand it may be interesting. . .
CI, Branding, Finding your identity
It's so very important to stand out (even if it's only a little bit..). I will help you to find your own picture. Not every time "streamline", "over the top" or "todays fashion" but suitable for you and your business!
NOW here is a CLOUD-
"Tags" that is. It`s a simple list of things I can do for you: Using instructions (GB, D, NL,F, I, E), info graphic (maps), exploded diagram, 3-D-Typo, 3-D-Logo, 3-D-Expand your visions something, Web-Banners=weboptimized, CI Corporate design; Photo-composition (before and after), Illustrations (any kind), Calligraphy "70tys birthday", Charts, diagrams, Starter Kits for Entrepeneurs, Package design, Flyers, Adds, Cataloges, Web-Site, Flags, Consulting (find your color for example), Logo-Redesign, Labels, Handouts, Gimmicks, Mailings, Posters, Menu, leafleets, folders, invoice form, christmas gifts, concepts, magazines, displays, punch, car lettering, cataloges, dummmies, signs, decorations, window dressing - and (don't you believe?) there's more. just ask.

I will try to keep the site interesting by adding new content every couple of days

make google happy - always!

Content like scribble of the weak for example will regularly show new snippets. Except - I'm on vacation . . . .